This is the song for the Forest Scene actors to learn.


Our Trip to Bishop’s School and Founder’s Park.

Our school turns 100 this year and we have been looking at how life was 100 years ago, and also at how life has been in Mapua over the last 100 years.  To find out more, and to experience what it was like at school in the past, we went to Bishop’s School in Nelson.  Some of us dressed up in clothes that people wore in the past, and Charlie was brave enough to show us the Dunce’s cap, which was an awful thing to do to children at school in the olden days.


Welcome to Room 3 in 2015.

IMG_0610We are now a class of 23 Year One and Two pupils.  This term we are finding out about the Treaty of Waitangi, and we have written our own class Treaty.  We are working in large and small groups on a lot of different topics and we show that we respect each other, and can listen and ask questions.

On February 26, we are demonstrating our swimming skills to our families and whanau.  Later this term, we are going to McKee Domain for an outdoor adventure course and to check out the life in the rocky pools.  Keep an eye out for photographs from these two events.